Meow Meow was born from the union between my love for both cats and illustration. At a time when I was rediscovering the desire to draw, and being a cat lady, it seemed perfect to make portraits of cats. What started out as a hobby ended up taking over my days, and today I can say I would love to draw all the cats in the world.

My name is Catarina, but you can call me Cat. I’m from Lisbon and I have 2 cats: Mickey and Minnie. I’m a cat lady, an illustrator, a lover of nature and beauty. I like to have a calm, slow life. I’m always aware that everything passes and I try to flow with the impermanence of things. I’m a dreamer, I easily get lost in the world of ideas. I seek freedom and let my heart lead the way. With cats I learn every day, they are such masters.

Feel free to contact me to cat@meowmeow.pt for a commission, a collaboration and shop inquiries.
Or just to say hi! 🐱