Meow Meow

Hi, I’m Catarina a.k.a. Cat. I was born in Lisbon, where I live now. I love clothes and cats and this place is all about them.

I began to study architecture, but my heart always had other plans for me. Fortunately I listened to it early and ended up studying fashion design, leaving behind the buildings. I was always interested in the creative areas and discovered my form of expression in the fabrics. It’s through the clothes that I communicate, it’s in them that I find myself and where I find a vehicle to convey my individuality.

One day a little siamese kitten entered my life and stole my heart. His name was Gandhi and we lived together for 15 years. He transformed my world forever and now I know I can’t live without these little felines. Gandhi is now a bright star in the sky and here with me I have Mickey and Minnie, two cute babies you’ll see a lot around here!

I created this website with the desire of sharing a bit of my universe and I hope it inspires you. Welcome!

For any questions or collaborations, feel free to contact me: